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Nazi MP pulls his gun against anarchists in Volos

In the city of Volos, in  Thessaly, a nazi gathering took place at the office of the Nazi group Golden Dawn. Soon people gathered and start shouting anti-Nazi slogans and booing, tension emerged and the MP of Golden Dawn Illiopoulos pulled the gun that he carries with the full permission of the police. Eventually, the [...]

Tanzanian Community centre by Amerikis (America) Square in Athens vandalized by neonazis; immediate response with anti-nazi demonstration by anarchists, migrants and people in solidarity

What follows is a report by 1againstracism about the events of September 24th, in Amerikis Square, Athens. The same group of racists, fascists and nazis described below had planned to repeat their gathering on the eve of Sep 26, the day of the general strike. Hundreds of antifascists, anarchists and people in solidarity gathered in Amerikis [...]

Militant anti-fascism: some updates from Heraklion, Crete

August updates from the struggle between militant anti-fascists and neo-nazis in the city of Heraklion, Crete (Heraklion is the largest city in the island and fourth biggest in the country). Greek original The present text comprises an update regarding the events of August 2012 in Heraklion, Crete, as part of the undeclared war between the [...]

Office of neo-nazi Golden Dawn in Pagrati, central Athens set alight with petrol

The office of the neo-nazi gang Golden Dawn (as of recently also represented in parliament) in the central Athenian neighbourhood of Pagrati was set ablaze on August 13, with two small petrol tanks. The neo-nazi gang is openly advocating violence against all migrants, homosexuals and leftists/anarchists. Its members have participated in scores of such attacks [...]

Corfu: Draka Squat in flames just months after the arsoning of Elaia squat and the Synagogue

From contrainfo In the evening of Friday, July 13th, at about 20.30, fire broke out in the building of the housing project and political squat Draka. The squat is located on one of the most central streets of the town of Corfu. No comrade was inside the building when the fire broke out, and there [...]

Neonazi gathering in the city of Agrinio fought off by local anti-fascists; Nazi MP beaten

Source in Greek On Monday night (July 9) approximately 40 nazis of the Golden Dawn had gathered in a cafe in the city of Agrinion, Western Greece. A few moments later, anti-fascists who were informed of the gathering met up nearby and stormed the cafe; after the clash that followed, the nazis were forced to [...]

“Working immigrants threatened by pogroms”

Greek original Post-election nightmare: Working immigrants threatened by pogroms Deliberate acts of hate by “brave lads” have been reported throughout Greece, focusing on businesses paying wages to foreigners. At the same time, an increase of victims of racist violence seek emergency help at hospitals. Picture caption: Treating wounds from knives, bullets and from beatings have increased [...]

A Week in Racist Hell: a wave of violence marks the start of the new parliament in Greece

From our friends at Anti-UK Greece is in the throes of a rising tide of racist pogroms. To get a taste of the violence, let us take a snapshot of what has been happening in the Greek streets in the seven days since the elections of 17 June, looking at a selection of incidents of [...]