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#610 | Tens of thousands arrive at Syntagma as the Greek parliament is cordoned by metal fencing and barriers – constant updates

On the 12th day of mobilisations at Syntagma square, tens of thousands have already arrived in response to the square’s assembly for a day of pan-european uprising. Outside parliament, police have placed pieces of metal fencing tied with each other (a potentially catastrophic and lethal “crowd control” technique). As of 19.15 local hour (still very [...]

#609 | Resolution by the Popular Assembly of Syntagma Square – 2nd June 2011

greek original [this is an informal translation] Now it’s us that shall talk! Call for a paneuropean uprising on 5th of June Since 25th of May, thousands of citizens have filled the squares of the whole country, claiming to take our lives into our hands. We have different ideological backgrounds, but what unites us is [...]

#607 | 50,000 people in Syntagma tonight

According to corporate media and blogs, about 50,000 people participated in the rally in Syntagma Square. Thousands of people still there at the moment. Earlier the rally surrounded the parliament and a lot of demonstrators blockaded the gates. According to corporate media, police hesitated to attack to the people who blockaded the entries out of [...]

#605 | Decisions of the Popular Assembly in Syntagma, May 29

Upcoming mobilisations and call-outs Monday, May 30th at noon, Stadiou and Sofokleous str: Support of the workers at the Post Bank against its privatisation Monday May 30th, Mars Field (Alexandras and Patision Ave):Demonstration through neighbourhoods to end up at Syntagma square Tuesday May 31st, Karaiskaki square, Piraeus: Support of the dockworkers fighting against the sell-out [...]

#603 | Resolution by the Popular Assembly of Syntagma square

… an assembly attended by 3,000 people. Greek original. For a long time now, decisions are taken for us, without us. We are workers, unemployed, pensioners, youth who came to Syntagma to struggle for our lives and our futures. We are here because we know that the solution to our problems can only come from [...]

#602 | Videos from Syntagma square, nights 1 and 2

Today there were as many people as yesterday at the square; many are organising and determined to stay, indefinitely. There have been at least nine working groups formed up (general coordination, cleaning, cooking, translation/ media, technical support, legal support, medical aid etc). The fascists were few and isolated by the huge crowds. Come to Syntagma, [...]

#601 | A poem dedicated to our sisters and brothers in Barcelona’s Plaza de Catalunya

… who were swept away from the police in order for the spectacle to continue uninterrupted. Katerina Gogou: One morning I will open the door and I will go out in the streets as I did yesterday. And I won’t be thinking about anything other than just one piece of the father and one piece [...]

#600 | Minutes from the Open Assembly of Syntagma Square, May 25 2011

More, thousands of people gathered in Syntagma and other squares across Greece today, too. An update along with fresh minutes will follow tomorrow. The minutes of the first assembly at Syntagma square, on May 25th 2011, were uploaded on this website and they are not, of course “official” – there is no such thing in [...]