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#538 | Statement by the 300 migrant hunger strikers

Greek original Statement by the 300 migrant hunger strikers The struggle is complete. With the documents in hand and our heads up high, we return to our homes and our work vindicated, after 44 days on hunger strike. The struggle continues. The announcements for an 8-year limit and the increase of work credit as prerequisites [...]

#536 | The hunger strike of the three-hundred migrant workers has ended. The struggle for a world of equality, solidarity and freedom continues…

Greek original The hunger strike of the three-hundred migrant workers has ended. The struggle for a world of equality, solidarity and freedom continues…   On January 25th, 2011 three-hundred migrants in Athens and Thessaloniki commenced a fierce hunger strike, claiming the most basic things: equal rights with the local workers and the legalisation of all [...]

#535 | Migrant hunger strike ends in huge victory

CORRECTION 13:00 GMT+2, March 10 Contrary to the original reports (as re-posted here, see below) the work credits have not been completely disconnected from permanent residence status for the migrants. What has happened instead is that they have been significantly reduced (down from 200 to 120, a 40% decrease). This is still very significant and [...]

#533 | On their 43d day on hunger strike, Greek government threatens all strikers with deportation

Breaking news: As mainstream media have been reporting for the past few hours, the Greek government is now threatening the 300 migrant hunger strikers with immediate deportation, should they refuse to be hospitalised and end their strike. Today (March 8 ) is the 43d day on hunger strike. Weather in Athens is severe and snow [...]

#532 | The 300 hunger strikers issue response to the government demand to be transferred to hospital – full text

greek original Statement-response to today’s developments, by the 300 hunger strikers March 7, 2011 This morning Mr. Mousionis, representative of the hospitals administration, “visited” the Ipatia building [where the hunger strike takes place] three times. The first without any document whatsoever, the second time with a document with no signature and only on the third [...]

#531 | Ministry of health orders the evacuation of migrant hunger strikers and their forced transfer to hospital

A few hours ago the migrant hunger strikers at the Ipatia building in Athens were issued with a notice where it orders all hunger strikers to accept their transferring to hospital – the notice reads “…all limits of tolerance and understanding have been reached, concerning the health issues posed by the migrants’ struggle in practice”. [...]

10th of March: Worldwide solidarity action day with the 300 hunger strikers immigrants-workers in Greece

Original posting   Latest Greece travel advises: You might have heard that Greece is a beautiful country to visit with delicious food and people with great hospitality. Be careful: this is not the whole truth. The reality for hundreds of thousands of visitors is completely different. There is a general threat of human rights’ violations. [...]

#530 | The hunger strike shall win.

    You walk down toward Patision Ave, a brisk tempo as the cold bites in. The rumours have been swirling around corporate media all day long: “the hunger strike will end any moment now”. But the hunger strikers are determined. They reject the government’s bogus proposal and carry on. At Patision, a sight to [...]